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Rhetorical Analysis Design Plan:

Statement of Purpose:
Purpose: (MY PURPOSE)
1. The motivation for this communication is to enlighten the reader about earth-like planets that have been discovered.
2. I hope that the audience will feel a sense of accomplishment for humanity and make the audience think about what another earth-like planet could hold in terms of possibilities for humanity.
3. The event that caused this communication is that I am interested in this topic and the amazing discovery of an earth-like planet only 13 light years away, the closest one seen to us. Also, the development of new technologies to look into how earth-like this planet is and the possibilities of a probe being sent to this planet within the next few years is what brings this article to light. Also there is an assignment I must complete.
4. The best outcome is to inspire people to learn more about the universe and possibly get students excited to learn more; this would then create more scientists and astronomers to study these planets. The worst outcome would be that no one acknowledges this discovery and funding dries up for this type of research.
5. This is worthwhile because the resources on earth are being depleted and the planet is on a downward turn. For the sake of humanity, research needs to be done into these planets and how habitable to “life as we know it” are.
1. The audience would include educated people, those both interested and not interested in astronomy, persons with basic knowledge of the universe, and persons of academics.
2. This communication would be within an academic setting, whether it be a classroom or academic journal. Most likely, people would have some interest in the subject and be attentive to the subject matter.
3. The audience would still include educated people, those interested in astronomy, persons with basic knowledge of the universe, and people of academics.
1. This message would take place in a classroom and a timeframe during the school day. This is recently after this article was published and so the topic is fresh and current.
2. I would think this communication would take place in a classroom or in an academic journal. The place could be anywhere if the paper were in an academic journal.
3. The time and place would shape the audience’s expectations because they would expect a well-researched and well-written article regarding exoplanets, or earth-like planets outside of our current solar system.
Design Plan of Online Article:
1. My main strategy is to educate people about this exoplanet, but also to analyze the article found about this topic. I want to know what works and what does not. I also do not intend on lecturing my reader but present this topic in a fun and exciting way.
2. This strategy is effective when considering the statement of purpose is to excite people and teach them about this close exoplanet.
1. I have the standard medium of a paper or possibly a PowerPoint. This could be turned into a webpage or a blog, and even less conventional, a photo-essay.
2. The paper would be most academic and less time intensive than a PowerPoint. PowerPoint would also make the word court requirement difficult as it would be a long presentation. A webpage could be fun and interactive as well as visually appealing. A blog would make it easy for people to read about, but there is a stigma of unreliability in blogs (I would of course site my source(s) but there is still a stigma to overcome).
3. The written paper is most practical to meet the word requirement. It will be relatively easy to edit as well as to format.
1. I will be analyzing the text first. Then I will include the picture and analyze it with text below. Then I will write about the relationship and effectiveness of both the picture and the text.

2. This goes to my purpose because I am writing a rhetorical analysis of something with text and a visual element. The article I have chosen has both text as well as a visual and I will be able to meet the requirements needed to have a decent paper.

Photo Essay Design Plan:

• Define your audience and the context of your  presentation in class
• AUDIENCE: The audience would be students but could also include astrophysics and environmentalists. These audience members are interested because it is a class project, is related to exoplanets, and for the environmentalists it shows the condition of the earth as it is now. This would be provocative because it will establish if humans will actually have to move from earth in the future or if we can save the planet we have. This essay is going to be through a PowerPoint.
• Define your anticipated expectations for evaluation of your assignment after reviewing our assignment description
• I will look back to my purpose statement and decide if my essay fulfills what I was trying to accomplish. I will look into the pictures and see if they depict aspects of earth that humans need to survive and if the captions provoke thought in the readers without explanation from myself.
• Define your own argument that your essay must develop
• ARGUMENT: The aspects of earth humans take for granted need to be seen on exoplanets before the exodus of earth can even begin to be thought of.
• State what you want your audience to do with your argument
• I want them to know that these aspects of earth are needed and that they should not be taken for granted any longer. I want them to know people need to take care of the earth or there will be problems to come.
• ANTICIPATED NEEDS: I am not sure people will understand the matter at hand and what it has to do with exoplanets. I am also not sure if I can get people to see the artistic value of my pictures and see the beauty humans ignore in everyday life.
• Strategy – I intend on using logos because exoplanets are facts and there is a factual basis to the possibility of needing to evacuate earth in order for the human race to survive.
• PURPOSE: The point of this essay is the show people what they need for life, though they take it for granted. I want people to think about their lives and how they can see the beauty of earth. I want them to see the necessity of these elements and what it would mean if we no longer had this planet and were forced to go off into space to find an earth-like exoplanet.
• CONTEXT: The context of this would be on a blog posted for my classmates to see and analyze themselves. Because it is on a blog, people from anywhere can also see it and would be looking at it with interest derived from exoplanets.

Research Paper Design Plan:

 Previous research papers I have written have been purely informative in nature. This research paper requires more than just information; it requires an argument. I also must address the counter arguments in my paper, something I have done before in persuasive papers so that part is no what I am worried about. My plan for this research paper is to do it on extrasolar planets, or exoplanets for short. My quest for knowledge about this topic started before this semester began. I was looking at my google news feed and I found an article about exoplanets that stated there were many within the habitable zone (meaning life could exist). Once this semester started, a research paper was posed to us students and I knew that I wanted to investigate more about this topic.
     The purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader, but also state a claim and use research to validate my position. I will do this through an eight (8) to ten (10) page paper accompanied by an annotated bibliography. The most used strategy in my paper will be logos because I want to bring facts to back up my claim. I will do this through my sources I find on the internet, but as well as through online databases and possibly books found in the library. My paper will also rely on ethos of both myself and the authors of the sources that I use. The ethos is important because the authors need to be creditable and will stand firm under scrutiny of other experts in the same field. I will be looking for authors that have an educational background in exoplanets and have been peer-reviewed before adding them as a source. This will ensure that the author is knowledgeable and have an unbiased opinion about exoplanets. This will be best for me to make my own argument and apply it without fear of bias and unreliable information. I will also address pathos as a strategy because it is a topic that has emotional appeal to people thinking about their future generations. This topic will invoke emotions of curiosity, but also of urgency to have a plan for the foreseeable problems earth is facing if nothing changes.
     I will be using the media of a typed paper because the time allowed for this assignment, including research; I will have no time with my other classes to compose any other type of media for this assignment. In addition, with a paper it will be easier to establish the length of eight to ten pages, as required for this assignment. My ideas about my argument will revolve around the thesis statement of: Extrasolar planets are the key for human survival once the planet it depleted of resources or the sun reaches the end of its life cycle. I think this message will be positively received because it relies on pathos of the reader for future generations. This thesis is justified by my statement of purpose because this paper has an argument, and will be backed up by facts. I will also address the opposing view of people who think we will just destroy the new planet, people who think it would never be possible to find a new planet, or people who think it would be impossible to get to a new planet. This will help strengthen my argument because some aspects of these opposing views have been answered, but some are still unable to be answered; this is because research is being done every day to test new theories and possibilities that I can only speculate on.

     I know very little about this topic. I only know that extrasolar planets exist and there are some in the habitable zone. I have some web articles picked out for my paper already, but now that I have declared my argument, I am not sure if they will fit. I intend on having my ten to twelve sources by this weekend (4/5-4/6) in order to format them for the annotated bibliography; that is due on 4/10 by midnight. Then I intend on outlining my paper and placing the sources with the information they pertain to. Because I already have some sources, I just intend on revisiting those articles and expanding my research based on what I have and what I think I need. I will be spending more time with the library database in the coming 5 days to get my sources for the bibliography. From this research I hope to learn the feasibility of exoplanets as a means of survival, where the closest habitable one is, and above all how much times humans have (if things do not change) before the earth is dead (or the sun is dead as well).

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