Wednesday, May 7, 2014


          This semester has been a lot of work as well as fun. I am happy to say that I have accomplished many things this semester I was not sure, before the semester started, I would be able to complete. I composed my first photo essay with pictures I took myself. We did design plans, which I had never done before this semester; along with the rhetorical analysis and research paper, both I expected to do during this class. I think the most challenging thing about this class was that it was new techniques and new ways of thinking about certain aspects of writing. My portfolio captures the best of my work this semester and is a representation of all that went on throughout the semester. 
          This semester I started to research extrasolar planets, or planets beyond our solar system. I did this topic because I saw an article online over winter break which peaked my interest and I wanted to learn more about them. I wanted to know where the closest one was, what type of planet it was, could it be habitable, and the like. This topic was difficult to do for the photo essay because my personal camera was not strong enough to get pictures of far off planets. I decided to look at earth and see what we needed here that should be on the next planet we inhabit. The rhetorical analysis and research paper proved to be a lot of work, but there was information to find and I surely found a lot of it. This was a topic not many people would have thought of and I am glad my journey through this topic has yielded me with an immense amount of knowledge, knowledge which I continue to add to as the semester is ending. I am glad I picked this topic and it was a very interesting topic to have all semester long.

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